Retail Sector Lifts and Escalators

Retail Lifts and Escalators are key to keeping a retail environment on the move ensuring a steady flow of footfall right across your retail space.

Your customers experience needs to rival the competition each and every time – ensuring they don’t experience delay is paramount. 

All our Retail Sector Lift Maintenance clients understand the needs of their customers. We partner with our clients to ensure they meet their retail sector customers expectations and needs every day of the year.

An unreliable lift makes it very difficult for passengers to complete their journey whether its to a different level i a store, to visit a cafe or just to visit the toilets.

Every journey is important and in some cases an unreliable lift can deter customers from ever visiting a store again.

Some passengers will have large bags, pushchairs, groups of children or may have disabilities. 

Whatever the situation a perfectly functioning lift or escalator is essential in providing your customers with a first class shopping experience.

A frustrated customer customer is a lost sale. To ensure least possible disruption while carrying out lift repairs and maintenance we offer an out of store hours maintenance and repair service ensuring minimal downtime and maximum sales time.

A restricted access can have a massive affect on sales in a busy retail environment.

Our tailored retail service and repair programmes ensure minimal disruption to your store and its customers.

Keeping your lifts and escalators moving is key to maximising footfall and keeping the flow of the sore in keeping with your customers expectations.

All our lift and escalator engineers are trained to the highest standards and regularly attend courses ensuring they are kept up to date with the latest technology and techniques.

Our engineers have your best interests at heart and always provide a punctual, courteous and professional service.

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