Lifts Maintenance and Repairs for the Offshore Sector

In the UK there are very few qualified service companies who can provide the specialist skills required for Lift Maintenance and Repairs for the Offshore Sector. As specialist marine elevator service engineers we work with all brands and models. We provide Essential Maintenance, Repairs and Servicing in challenging offshore environments where the highest skill and safety levels are required.

We are an independent company that provide both escalator and lift servicing and maintenance, as such we are extremely flexible in our approach and provide our services across many sectors in the UK. Our company is unique and ultimately the number one company to come to for offshore lift professionals.

As an independant company we have the option of various suppliers rather than a contract to use a certain manufacturer.

We have been available to service offshore facilities for over 20 years helping to keep workers at sea safe. Our highly skilled workforce has enabled us to become the business we are today. We consist of a team of experts who are ready to help whenever required.

In situations of danger we are available to deploy our marine service and repair engineers at a moments notice. We provide an affordable premium service that is flexible and always has the client in mind.

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Providing a standard of work which exceeds the industry norm.