Case studies help identify solutions and highlight the experience required by our clients ensuring they receive the services they expect.

Sharing our experience with clients is invaluable when growing our business and forms one of the key components for our growth.

Knowledge is a very useful tool and by creating Lift and Escalator Case Studies we are able to pass on solutions to our clients saving them time and money. 

We have the experience and know how that give our clients the confidence to use our case studies to solve their own lift and elevator issues.

We are always on hand to offer advice on lift and escalator servicing, maintenance , repair and installation. Please review our case studies below to maybe find a solution to an issue you may have with your systems.

Case Study – Lift Repair

Time Saved Out Of ServiceSummary

This case study compares how The Elevator Company is able to provide alternative solutions to a major works, due to technical knowledge and capability of staff.

Having a wide knowledge of the lift industry we had access to a wide rage of suppliers and hold a large stock, thus saving in disruption, time and money.

The anticipated saving having access to the Client is £25,000, using Sheffield Lifts has also reduced the down time from 7 weeks to 2 days


  • Cost savings to client £25,000
  • Time saved in man hours – 84
  • Time saved out of service 6.5 weeks
  • Reduced disruption and inconvenience to staff and public

Using The Elevator Company reduced down time from 7 weeks to 2 days.

Time saved - man hours

Time saved out of service in weeks

Cost Saving in thousands of pounds

Previous Contractor

Initial Investigation

  • Lift fails and is isolated
  • Lift engineers called out to investigate the fault
  • Check any related maintenance records
  • Still unclear as to the fault & engineers not as familiar with lift motor equipment / controller
  • Further investigations to be done
  • Man Hours for Labour – 6 hours

Further Investigation

  • Lift still isolated much to the public and staff inconvenience
  • Still not available specification or documentation for the lift so detailed visual checks of all parts slowly worked through
  • Recommend repalcement drive and door operator researched
  • Man Hours for Labour – 10 hours


  • Replacement parts found by current service supplier
  • 1 month lead in time until parts will arrive
  • Continued inconvenience to general public, particularly for those who are not so mobile and have to rely upon staff fetching requested items to them in the main entrance
  • Staff heavy dependant on the lift to move residents around
  • Total delay in solving problem – 5 weeks
  • Repair time 2 weeks

Sheffield Lifts

Initial Investigation

  • Lift isolated
  • Technician have a look at common problem areas
  • Nothing found so accessed technical data base. Bring up all related informa-tion for the Lift such as: Specs, supplier, model, power supply etc.
  • Man Hours for Labour – 2 hours
  • Using information provided by Technician, spares department can look at key parts that could be most likely causing the fault, speeding up the supply period


  • Due the information gathered the spares department now knows what parts need replacing, the model no, original supplier etc.
  • With the original supplier no longer available our experience enables us to source the correct part or equilavent replacement quickly reducing chargeable hours. Total man hours from investigation to lift being repaired – 18 hours.s


  • Cost savings to client £25,000
  • Time saved in man hours – 84
  • Time saved out of service 6.5 weeks
  • Reduced disruption and inconvenience to staff and public

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